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» Vintage set of the week: Starter Train Set with Motor
» Random part of the day: Plate 1X2, Rounded, No. 1
» Announcing the new BrickLink Designer Program!
» Star Wars Advent Calendar - Day 9
» Harry Potter Advent Calendar - Day 9
» Marvel Advent Calendar - Day 9
» City Advent Calendar - Day 9
» Table Football discounted already
» Friends Advent Calendar - Day 9
» Random set of the day: Cart
» Random part of the day: Double Bush 3M Ø4.9
» Double VIP points at
» 2023 Spidey and his Amazing Friends set images!
» Star Wars Advent Calendar - Day 8
» LEGO announces 40651 Australia Postcard
» Harry Potter Advent Calendar - Day 8
» Marvel Advent Calendar - Day 8
» City Advent Calendar - Day 8
» December offers at Minifigure Maddness
» Friends Advent Calendar - Day 8
» Random set of the day: Agent Mater's Escape
» Random part of the day: Brick 2X8,Outside Bow,W/ Cut Out,No. 1
» Star Wars Advent Calendar - Day 7
» LEGO Ideas X Target winner announced
» Harry Potter Advent Calendar - Day 7
» Marvel Advent Calendar - Day 7
» City Advent Calendar - Day 7
» Friends Advent Calendar - Day 7
» Random set of the day: Off Road Power
» Random part of the day: Design Plate, 1X1X2/3, No.1
» 2023 set announcement recap
» Star Wars Advent Calendar - Day 6
» Harry Potter Advent Calendar - Day 6
» Marvel Advent Calendar - Day 6
» Double VIP points at this weekend
» City Advent Calendar - Day 6
» Friends Advent Calendar - Day 6
» Random set of the day: Mini Construction
» Star Wars Advent Calendar - Day 5
» 2023 Inside Tour registration begins tomorrow
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» Amid pathetic uptake, FDA green lights confusing COVID vaccine update for kids
» Musk brings back Twitter Blue with new features to prevent impersonation
» RIP Passwords? Passkey support rolls out to Chrome stable
» AI image generation tech can now create life-wrecking deepfakes with ease
» A Schoolhouse Rock! tribute to honor the passing of its last surviving creator
» Linux-ready Launch Heavy is a $300 mechanical keyboard for number crunchers
» Trashed lithium-ion batteries caused three garbage truck fires in California
» Disgraced FTX founder to testify at House hearing on crypto exchange crash
» Ohio measles outbreak hits partially vaccinated kids, babies too young for shots
» Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 review: Second only to the 4090—for now
» NASA’s Orion spacecraft is about to face its final test—and it’s a big one
» Rocket Report: Starship flight test slips to 2023; first methane launch is imminent
» “The Game Awards” Awards: Picking the night’s best new game trailers
» Pentagon picked four tech companies to form $9B cloud computing network
» “Memory Saver” might cure Chrome’s insatiable appetite for RAM
» DeepMind’s latest AI project solves programming challenges like a newb
» Twirling parasitic worms throw dance party in man’s scrotum
» Twitter sued for targeting women and staff on family leave in layoffs
» Myth, busted: Apatosaurus didn’t produce sonic booms when whipping its tail
» FTC files suit to stop Microsoft’s $69 billion Activision purchase
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» Immune system of modern Papuans shaped by DNA from ancient Denisovans, study finds
» How intensive agriculture turned a wild plant into a pervasive weed
» For 400 years, Indigenous tribes buffered climate's impact on wildfires in the American Southwest
» Jawbone may represent earliest presence of humans in Europe
» Ancient DNA from medieval Germany tells the origin story of Ashkenazi Jews
» Interdisciplinary environmental history: How narratives of the past can meet the challenges of the anthropocene
» Human evolution wasn't just the sheet music, but how it was played
» 'Primordial super-enhancers' provide early snapshot of the mechanisms that allowed for multicellularity
» 1,700-year-old spider monkey remains discovered in Teotihuacán, Mexico
» Oldest evidence of the controlled use of fire to cook food, researchers report
» Previously unknown monumental temple discovered near the Tempio Grande in Vulci
» First sentence ever written in Canaanite language discovered: Plea to eradicate beard lice
» Why are sustainable practices often elusive?
» Human expansion 1,000 years ago linked to Madagascar's loss of large vertebrates
» Ancient DNA analysis sheds light on the early peopling of South America
» Ancient genomes reveal hidden history of human adaptation
» New Scottish fossil sheds light on the origins of lizards
» Vocal communication originated over 400 million years ago
» UK's oldest human DNA obtained, revealing two distinct Palaeolithic populations
» Central Asia identified as a key region for human ancestors
» In medieval Norway, high-class people had stronger bones
» New research rewrites the evolutionary story of gills
» Meet the first Neanderthal family
» The Black Death shaped the evolution of immunity genes, setting the course for how we respond to disease today
» New analysis of obsidian blades reveals dynamic Neolithic social networks
» Race against time to find ancient Indigenous carvings on boab trees
» Shrine discovered with rituals never seen to take place before in an Egyptian temple
» Upcycling in the past: Viking beadmakers' secrets revealed
» Detailing a disastrous autumn day in ancient Italy
» Revealing the genome of the common ancestor of all mammals
» Armored worm reveals the ancestry of three major animal groups
» Among ancient Mayas, cacao was not a food exclusive to the elite
» Key phases of human evolution coincide with flickers in eastern Africa's climate
» Exposing the evolutionary weak spots of the human genome
» Scientists find evidence for food insecurity driving international conflict two thousand years ago
» Greek volcano mystery: Archaeologist narrows on date of Thera eruption
» The anglo-saxon migration: New insights from genetics
» Gut microbes and humans on a joint evolutionary journey
» Heart of our evolution discovered: 380-million-year-old heart
» Early gibbon fossil found in southwest China: Discovery fills evolutionary history gap of apes
» Stone age surgery: Earliest evidence of amputation found
» Earliest land animals had fewer skull bones than fish -- restricting their evolution, scientists find
» Modern humans generate more brain neurons than Neanderthals
» Study unearths ancient reef structure high and dry on the Nullarbor Plain
» Neolithic culinary traditions uncovered
» Resolving the evolutionary history of the closest algal relatives of land plants
» Medieval mass burial shows centuries-earlier origin of Ashkenazi genetic bottleneck
» The Southern Arc and its lively genetic history
» DNA analysis shows Griffin Warrior ruled his Greek homeland
» Lost islands cited in Welsh folklore and poetry are plausible: New study of coastal geography and a medieval map
» New research tracks the history of manatees across Earth's oceans
» The talking dead: burials inform migrations in Indonesia
» Sahelanthropus, the oldest representative of humanity, was indeed bipedal...but that's not all!
» AI-based method for dating archeological remains
» Analysis of everyday tools challenges long-held ideas about what drove major changes in ancient Greek society
» Study of ancient skulls sheds light on human interbreeding with Neanderthals
» Medieval monks were 'riddled with parasites'
» No, the human brain did not shrink 3,000 years ago
» All roads lead to big cities
» What's new under the sun? Offering an alternate view on how 'novel' structures evolve
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