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Ask a Manager
» coworker was fired for a Facebook post, restricting access to a kosher kitchen, and more
» I don’t have enough work and my boss is too busy to give me more
» my employee melts down when work is stressful
» is my employee lying about using sick time for the Super Bowl?
» should I tell my boss her photo is terrible, my boss calls me a “baby,” and more
» my boss is a notorious liar, and he yells too
» I don’t want to share my personal life with nosy coworkers
» why didn’t I get a full-time offer after my internship?
» telling a rude candidate we’ll never interview him, someone is going through my trash, and more
» update: my employee lies and says other people’s work is her own
» how to quit your job without burning bridges
» rejection turned into an ad for a resume-writing company
» my boss keeps telling me “you have a year,” dressing one step up from the job you’re interviewing for, and more
» weekend free-for-all – January 13-14, 2018
» open thread – January 12-13, 2018
» my coworker screamed at me for calling my cat “my baby,” checking in about a job post-holidays, and more
» how to thank a new boss who’s been super understanding of a hard time in my life
» update: should I put fanfiction on my resume?
» how to talk about your job when you’re embarrassed by it
» how can I get a coworker to take computer classes, new desks don’t work with skirts, and more
» my boss is the department joke — and I don’t want to be in on it
» am I too generous with my employees?
» my coworker got drunk on a business trip and his hangover was a problem the next day
» my employees keep taking the same days off, I don’t want to sit next to my wife at work, and more
» my coworkers scoff and roll their eyes when I question decisions in meetings
» what are the best questions to ask in a job interview?
» I don’t want to use Airbnb for business travel — am I out of touch?
» drama after breaking up with a coworker, the best time of day to submit a job application, and more
» the person who used to do my job won’t go away
» my coworker keeps doing my work for me
» I delay writing back to people and then never do it — can I fix this?
» can I take birth control pills at my desk, paying more than my share for gifts coworkers, and more
» weekend free-for-all – January 6-7, 2018
» update: our CEO won’t let go of a retired employee
» open thread – January 5-6, 2018
» an extortionist might send my coworkers a private video, coworker won’t expense business travel, and more
» my employee keeps complaining to me about a coworker — but won’t let me step in
» updates: the flaky interviewer, the coworkers who stopped going to lunch, and more
» ask the readers: weird job advice your parents gave you
» employee is angry I’m using the baby name she wanted, office heat is broken, and more
» how to say “stop following me” at an event
» is it wrong to expect employees to work on snow days?
» employee sent out photos of a coworker’s stoma bag — what should I do?
» my reference lied to make me look better, coworker sent me an alarming Christmas video, and more
» my coworker is rude to Uber drivers
Penny Arcade
ScienceDaily Anthropology
Anthropology News -- ScienceDaily

» Chemical evolution: Progenitors of the living world
» New light on the mysterious origin of Bornean elephants
» Ancient DNA results end 4,000-year-old Egyptian mummy mystery
» The Montmaurin-La Niche mandible reveals the complexity of the Neanderthals’ origin
» Possible cause of early colonial-era Mexican epidemic identified
» Dramatic decline in genetic diversity of Northwest salmon
» Ancient Phoenician DNA from Sardinia, Lebanon reflects settlement, integration, mobility
» Life on land and tropical overheating 250 million years ago
» Dual migration created genetic 'melting pot' of the first Scandinavians
» DNA analysis of ancient mummy, thought to have smallpox, points to Hepatitis B instead
» Did ancient irrigation technology travel Silk Road?
» Four-year-old children's knowledge about ecology
» Evidence of previously unknown population of ancient Native Americans, research reveals
» Prehistoric bling? Aesthetics crucial factor in development of earliest copper alloys
» Unexpected agricultural production allowed pre-Hispanic society to flourish in arid Andes
» Origins of photosynthesis in plants dated to 1.25 billion years ago
» Are bones discovered under an Exeter street from the first turkey dinner in England?
» Discovery of ruins of ancient Turkic monument surrounded by 14 pillars with inscriptions
» Human societies evolve along similar paths
» Primitive fossil bear with a sweet tooth identified from Canada's High Arctic
» Indonesian island found to be unusually rich in cave paintings
» Archaeologist finds world's oldest funereal fish hooks
» African genetic diversity to unlock disease susceptibility
» Genetics preserves traces of ancient resistance to Inca rule
» Revising the story of the dispersal of modern humans across Eurasia
» More than 1,000 ancient sealings discovered
» Venezuelan rock art mapped in unprecedented detail
» Litte Foot takes a bow
» New approach measures early human butchering practices
» Storytellers promoted cooperation among hunter-gatherers before advent of religion
» Genes identified that distinguish mammals from other animals
» Copy of 'Jesus' secret revelations to his brother' discovered by biblical scholars
» Sea-level rise predicted to threaten more than 13,000 archaeological sites in southeastern US
» Prehistoric women had stronger arms than today's elite rowing crews
» Abominable Snowman? Nope: Study ties DNA samples from purported Yetis to Asian bears
» A horse is a horse, of course, of course -- except when it isn't
» Archaeologist says fire, not corn, key to prehistoric survival in arid Southwest
» Growing teeth and a backbone: Studies trace early origins of skeletal tissues
» Ancient barley took high road to China
» Ancient fish scales and vertebrate teeth share an embryonic origin
» Human evolution was uneven and punctuated
» Wooden shoes: Long-lasting issues from inflexible clogs
» Rising inequality charted across millennia
» Chimp study reveals how brain's structure shaped our evolution
» Archaeology: Medieval treasure unearthed at the Abbey of Cluny
» Archaeologists find earliest evidence of winemaking
» Finger and toe fossils belonged to tiny primates 45 million years ago
» Neolithic farmers coexisted with hunter-gatherers for centuries in Europe
» Height and weight evolved at different speeds in the bodies of our ancestors
» Archaeologists unearth 'masterpiece' sealstone in Greek tomb
» Mammals switched to daytime activity after dinosaur extinction
» Caribbean islands reveal a 'lost world' of ancient mammals
» Excavation in Northern Iraq: Sasanian loom discovered
» Agricultural productivity drove Euro-American settlement of Utah
» Genetic history: Searching for the African roots of Noir Marron communities
» Luck plays a role in how language evolves, team finds
» Early humans and dawn of human information sharing
» Could the Neolithic Revolution offer evidence of best ways to adapt to climate change?
» Caribbean's largest concentration of indigenous pre-Columbian rock art
» 6,000-year-old skull could be from the world's earliest known tsunami victim