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» Senate Republicans block Ukraine aid bill
» Ukraine war: Zelensky speaks out as US stand-off imperils war effort
» US grounds entire Osprey aircraft fleet
» Putin makes rare foreign trip to Gulf states
» UNLV shooting: Police say three dead in University of Nevada shooting
» Wieambilla shootings: US arrests man over Australian religious terror attack
» Ukraine claims killing of 'traitor' ex-MP Illya Kyva in Russia
» Belt and Road: Italy pulls out of flagship Chinese project
» Four Russian soldiers charged with war crimes for torturing US citizen in Ukraine
» Sean 'Diddy' Combs accused of sexual assault by fourth woman
» Woman who assaulted Chipotle worker sentenced to fast food job for two months
» Norman Lear: Sitcom writer and producer dies aged 101
» Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announces retirement from Congress
» Taylor Swift named Time Magazine's person of the year
» Essequibo: Venezuela moves to claim Guyana-controlled region
» BTS urge fans to not show up at army camps when their military service starts
» Paris 2024: Construction at surfing venue in Tahiti paused after coral damaged
» Jonathan Majors: Ex Grace Jabbari describes alleged abuse
» Bosnian Serb leader Dodik faces trial for defying international envoy Schmidt
» Mount Marapi: Indonesia rescuers find last missing hiker on volcano
» Zelensky abruptly cancels US Senate briefing amid funding row
» UAE extradites British trader Sanjay Shah to Denmark
» BBC reporter in Gaza: People here are traumatised and exhausted
» Israel hostages in Gaza: We have evidence their health worsening, say families
» Israeli settler violence brings destruction and fear to West Bank as war rages
» How missiles from Yemen could escalate Israel-Gaza war
» Israel Gaza: Hamas raped and mutilated women on 7 October, BBC hears
» US sanctions individuals implicated in West Bank attacks
» Israel's new Gaza evacuation zones leave Palestinians few places to go
» 'Wounded child, no surviving family': The pain of Gaza’s orphans
» Rushdi Abualouf: 'It's so much harder to watch Gaza from the outside'
» What is Hamas and why is it fighting with Israel in Gaza?
» Hamas planned sexual violence as weapon of war - Israeli campaigner
» Bowen: US sets clearer red lines for Israel as ceasefire ends
» Jamie Foxx holds back tears as he addresses serious illness
» 'I'm helpless' - Gaza doctor tells of desperate situation
» Mine explosion: Colombian authorities blow up illegal sites
» Five-year-old Hamas hostage returns to school and is hugged by classmates
» Virginia home explodes as police respond to call
» Breaking down the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer...in 79 seconds
» Watch: Maori MP performs haka before swearing oath to King
» Mexico's missing students: Families to search 'until the last beat of my heart'
» The zero-Covid protesters who fled China in fear
» A family's escape from North Korea through a minefield and stormy seas
» TikTok trends 2023: Girl summer, Yearbook filters and Wes Anderson-style videos
» COP28: Is the world about to promise to ditch fossil fuels?
» Olive oil price skyrockets as Spanish drought bites
» Republican debate: Trump's rivals hunt elusive momentum
» Review: 76995 Shadow's Escape
» 40725 Cherry Blossoms and more revealed!
» Star Wars Advent Calendar - Day 6
» LEGO Fortnite cinematic trailer released
» Harry Potter Advent Calendar - Day 6
» Marvel Advent Calendar - Day 6
» City Advent Calendar - Day 6
» Friends Advent Calendar - Day 6
» Random set of the day: Christmas Tree
» Random minifig of the day: dis004
» Random part of the day: Shovel 15X23X12 With Holes Ø 4.85
» 2024 NINJAGO sets revealed!
» Motorising the Orient Express
» Star Wars Advent Calendar - Day 5
» Seasonal minifigs now available at BaM stations in brand stores
» Harry Potter Advent Calendar - Day 5
» Marvel Advent Calendar - Day 5
» City Advent Calendar - Day 5
» Friends Advent Calendar - Day 5
» 2024 Classic sets revealed!
» Random set of the day: Evacuation Team
» Random minifig of the day: njo660
» Random part of the day: Technic Stick
» 2024 Disney sets revealed!
» Review: 80112 Auspicious Dragon
» Star Wars Advent Calendar - Day 4
» 10328 Bouquet of Roses revealed
» Harry Potter Advent Calendar - Day 4
» Marvel Advent Calendar - Day 4
» Blocks Book of Retro LEGO Sets out now
» City Advent Calendar - Day 4
» Designer insight: Atticus
» Friends Advent Calendar - Day 4
» Random set of the day: Super Star Destroyer
» Random minifig of the day: sh098
» Random part of the day: Tile 4X4, W/ Bow
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» Review: 71799 NINJAGO City Markets
» Star Wars Advent Calendar - Day 3
» Harry Potter Advent Calendar - Day 3
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» Crossed wires led to high drama as NASA returned asteroid samples to Earth
» Ex-Twitter exec sues Musk, says he was fired for objecting to budget cuts
» Intel, of all companies, knocks AMD’s CPU numbering in now-deleted presentation
» Quantum computer performs error-resistant operations with logical qubits
» Meta’s new AI image generator was trained on 1.1 billion Instagram and Facebook photos
» After hack, 23andMe gives users 30 days to opt out of class-action waiver
» iMessage will reportedly dodge EU regulations, won’t have to open up
» Study: Why a spritz of water before grinding coffee yields less waste, tastier espresso
» AMD’s new Ryzen 8040 laptop chips look a lot like the Ryzen 7040 CPUs
» Cable lobby to FCC: Please don’t look too closely at the prices we charge
» Google launches Gemini—a powerful AI model it says can surpass GPT-4
» Apple admits to secretly giving governments push notification data
» Volumetric LED candle looks the same from any angle—and looks like amazing work
» Google Search results are showing Reddit URLs altered to include a slur
» Just about every Windows and Linux device vulnerable to new LogoFAIL firmware attack
» Apple wants iPhone 16 batteries to come from India, not China
» Daily Telescope: A super-hot jet 1,000 light-years from Earth
» The Morgan XP-1 is an extremely eccentric English electric vehicle
» NASA says SpaceX’s next Starship flight could test refueling tech
» Man dies on way home from Panera after having three “charged” lemonades
Quanta Magazine
Science Daily
» Aging societies more vulnerable to collapse
» 'Bone biographies' reveal lives of medieval England's common people -- and illuminate early benefits system
» Paleolithic humans may have understood the properties of rocks for making stone tools
» A mixed origin made maize successful
» Decoding past climates through dripstones
» Dishing the dirt on human evolution: Why scientific techniques matter in archaeology
» Study of ancient British oral microbiomes reveals shift following Black Death
» Was 'witchcraft' in the Devil's Church in Koli based on acoustic resonance? The crevice cave has a unique soundscape
» Earliest known European common hippopotamus fossil reveals their Middle Pleistocene dispersal
» Neanderthals were the world's first artists, research reveals
» Looking for 'LUCA' and the timing of cellular evolution
» 'Woman the hunter': Studies aim to correct history
» Evolution of taste: Early sharks were able to perceive bitter substances
» No scientific evidence for cognitively advanced behaviors and symbolism by Homo naledi
» New research exposes early humans' ecological versatility
» Head lice evolution mirrors human migration and colonization in the Americas
» Cultural artifacts serve as 'cognitive fossils,' helping uncover the psychology of the past
» Fossils tell tale of last primate to inhabit North America before humans
» Frogs were Florida's first-known vertebrates from the Caribbean
» New secrets about cat evolution revealed
» In Prehispanic Cancun, immigrants were treated just like Maya locals
» Climate change likely impacted human populations in the Neolithic and Bronze Age
» Origin of ancient mummified baboons found in Egypt
» Challenging prehistoric gender roles: Research finds that women were hunters, too
» Holy bat skull! Fossil adds vital piece to bat evolution puzzle
» Researchers identify the oldest pieces of Baltic amber found on the Iberian Peninsula: imports began over 5,000 years ago
» The encounter between Neanderthals and Sapiens as told by their genomes
» Extinct ape gets a facelift, 12 million years later
» Evolutionary secrets of 'Old Tom' and the killer whales of Eden revealed by genetic study
» Neanderthal gene variants associated with greater pain sensitivity
» Evidence from the remains of 1918 flu pandemic victims contradicts long-held belief that healthy young adults were particularly vulnerable
» Early human migrants followed lush corridor-route out of Africa
» DNA from discarded whale bones suggests loss of genetic diversity due to commercial whaling
» Climate and human land use both play roles in Pacific island wildfires past and present
» Insights into early snake evolution through brain analysis
» A turtle time capsule: DNA found in ancient shell
» Modelling of adhesive technology sheds new light on prehistoric cognition
» Pollen analysis suggests peopling of Siberia and Europe by modern humans occurred during a major Pleistocene warming spell
» Probing the deep genetic structure of Africa
» New study reveals a long history of violence in ancient hunter-gatherer societies
» Ritual use of human remains dating from the Neolithic
» Ancient Amazonians intentionally created fertile 'dark earth'
» Archaeologists discover world's oldest wooden structure
» Slow growth in crocodile ancestors pre-dated their semi-aquatic lifestyle
» Prehistoric fish fills 100 million year gap in evolution of the skull
» Tiny sea creatures reveal the ancient origins of neurons
» Buried ancient Roman glass formed substance with modern applications
» Study links epigenetic changes to historic trauma in Alaska Native communities
» St Helena's 'liberated' Africans came from West Central Africa between northern Angola and Gabon
» 'Monstrous births' and the making of race in the nineteenth-century United States
» Human shoulders and elbows first evolved as brakes for climbing apes
» Pioneering research sheds surprising new light on evolution of plant kingdom
» Causes of the Qing Dynasty's collapse: Parallels to today's instability
» The scent of the afterlife unbottled in new study of ancient Egyptian mummification balms
» Three-eyed distant relative of insects and crustaceans reveals amazing detail of early animal evolution
» Wastewater pipe dig reveals 'fossil treasure trove'
» Malaysian rock art found to depict elite -- Indigenous conflict
» Buffalo slaughter left lasting impact on Indigenous peoples
» Bronze Age family systems deciphered: Palaeogeneticists analyse a 3,800-year-old extended family
» Ancient metal cauldrons give us clues about what people ate in the Bronze Age
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