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» Munster hailed after URC success against the odds - Reuters.com
» Italy PM says good ties with China possible without Belt and Road - Reuters.com
» US review of China tariffs won't depend on trade 'breakthrough ... - Reuters.com
» Overturned call helps Marlins topple Angels - Reuters.com
» Offense powers Dodgers, Rays to play for series win - Reuters.com
» ISS backs Toyota shareholder proposal on climate disclosure - Reuters.com
» McCarthy's next challenge: sell debt ceiling deal in Congress - Reuters.com
» Gerrit Cole, Yu Darvish face off in Yankees-Padres rubber game - Reuters.com
» Russia raises calculation price for grain export duty - Reuters.com
» Luton complete fairytale rise from dark days of fifth tier to Premier ... - Reuters
» Cards eye series win over Guardians to close road trip - Reuters
» Nigeria's Buhari defends election outcome, economic record - Reuters.com
» South Korean court issues warrant for man who opened Asiana ... - Reuters
» Modi inaugurates new parliament building as part of New Delhi's ... - Reuters.com
» Thriving Giants eye 4-game road sweep of slumping Brewers - Reuters.com
» Top Indian wrestlers detained as protest against federation chief ... - Reuters.com
» U.S., Saudi Arabia call for extended ceasefire in Sudan - Reuters
» Cody Bradford hoping for better start as Rangers meet O's - Reuters
» Taipei restaurant dishes up giant isopod noodles for adventurous ... - Reuters.com
» Uganda confirms casualties among country's soldiers in Somali attack - Reuters.com
» South Africa to investigate U.S. allegations of arms shipment to Russia - Reuters.com
» Ex-Twins P Jose Berrios out to lead Jays to series win - Reuters.com
» Mercenary Prigozhin says Kremlin blanking him on state media will ... - Reuters.com
» Nationals look to beat Royals again, finish rare 3-game sweep - Reuters
» UK health minister says will not negotiate on pay with nurses' union - Reuters UK
» Spain holds regional elections ahead of year-end national vote - Reuters.com
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» Dinosaurs were the first to take the perspectives of others
» Earliest evidence of wine consumption in the Americas found in Caribbean
» Humanity's earliest recorded kiss occurred in Mesopotamia 4,500 years ago
» Homo sapiens likely arose from multiple closely related populations
» New study illustrates unique genetic landscape in Newfoundland and Labrador with links to Ireland and England
» Researcher uses mammal DNA to zoom into the human genome with unprecedented resolution
» Scientists discover fire records embedded within sand dunes
» Human ancestors preferred mosaic landscapes and high ecosystem diversity
» Evidence of Ice Age human migrations from China to the Americas and Japan
» Nose shape gene inherited from Neanderthals
» Archaeologists map hidden NT landscape where first Australians lived more than 60,000 years ago
» Research reveals longstanding cultural continuity at oldest occupied site in West Africa
» Scientists recover an ancient woman's DNA from a 20,000-year-old pendant
» Scientists present evidence for a billion-years arms race between viruses and their hosts
» New research redefines mammalian tree of life
» Information 'deleted' from the human genome may be what made us human
» Elephant ecosystems in decline
» Prolonged droughts likely spelled the end for Indus megacities
» Brain circuits for locomotion evolved long before appendages and skeletons
» Searching for ancient bears in an Alaskan cave led to an important human discovery
» Long distance voyaging among the Pacific Islands
» Grambank shows the diversity of the world's languages
» Swimming secrets of prehistoric reptiles unlocked by new study
» Ancient DNA reveals the multiethnic structure of Mongolia's first nomadic empire
» Apes may have evolved upright stature for leaves, not fruit, in open woodland habitats
» Oldest bat skeletons ever found described from Wyoming fossils
» Dairy foods helped ancient Tibetans thrive in one of Earth's most inhospitable environments
» Woolly mammoths evolved smaller ears and woolier coats over the 700,000 years that they roamed the Siberian steppes
» Elephants as a new model for understanding human evolution
» One of Swedish warship Vasa's crew was a woman
» Yak milk consumption among Mongol Empire elites
» Researchers use 21st century methods to record 2,000 years of ancient graffiti in Egypt
» New, exhaustive study probes hidden history of horses in the American West
» Ancient DNA reveals Asian ancestry introduced to East Africa in early modern times
» Ancient African empires' impact on migration revealed by genetics
» A reconstruction of prehistoric temperatures for some of the oldest archaeological sites in North America
» Genome research: Origin and evolution of vine
» Cyprus's copper deposits created one of the most important trade hubs in the Bronze Age
» Indigenous Ashaninka DNA helps geneticists write new chapters of pre-colonial history in South America
» Lasers and chemistry reveal how ancient pottery was made -- and how an empire functioned
» Surprising similarities in stone tools of early humans and monkeys
» Hunter-gatherer childhoods may offer clues to improving education and wellbeing in developed countries
» The colors on these ancient pots hint at the power of an empire
» The world's first horse riders
» Archaeological study of 24 ancient Mexican cities reveals that collective forms of governance, infrastructural investments, and collaboration all help societies last longer
» Genomic study of indigenous Africans paints complex picture of human origins and local adaptation
» Waxing and waning of environment influences hominin dispersals across ancient Iran
» Oldest human genome from southern Spain
» Mysterious new behavior seen in whales may be recorded in ancient manuscripts
» Jurassic shark: Shark from the Jurassic period was already highly evolved
» Ancient proteins offer new clues about origin of life on Earth
» Deadly waves: Researchers document evolution of plague over hundreds of years in medieval Denmark
» Archaeologists uncover early evidence of brain surgery in Ancient Near East
» Hidden from the Romans: 200 tons of silver on the shores of the river Lahn
» Gene variations for immune and metabolic conditions have persisted in humans for more than 700,000 years
» 2.9-million-year-old butchery site reopens case of who made first stone tools
» Changing climate conditions likely facilitated early human migration to the Americas at key intervals, research suggests
» Prehistoric human migration in Southeast Asia driven by sea-level rise
» Remapping the superhighways travelled by the first Australians reveals a 10,000-year journey through the continent
» Evolution of wheat spikes since the Neolithic revolution
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