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» Russian missiles kill at least 21 in Ukraine's Odesa region - The Associated Press
» Italy on three-win streak after beating Romania 45-13 - The Associated Press - en Español
» Despite title game, USFL already focusing on next season - The Associated Press - en Español
» Johnson, Ortiz tied for lead in LIV Golf event in Portland - The Associated Press - en Español
» Monkeypox: 2 more presumptive cases reported in Oregon - The Associated Press - en Español
» Trump social media firm subpoened by feds, stock regulators - The Associated Press - en Español
» JT Poston opens 4-stroke lead in John Deere Classic - The Associated Press - en Español
» Escobar, Peterson lead Mets past Rangers 4-3 - The Associated Press - en Español
» Anderson HRs, Marlins win 6-3 for 9th win in 10 vs Nats - The Associated Press - en Español
» Prosecutors seek to keep charges alive in Flint water crisis - The Associated Press - en Español
» Top election officials in Arizona county leave amid threats - The Associated Press - en Español
» Air France-KLM latest airline to settle US mail allegations - The Associated Press - en Español
» Prosecutor won't sue Texas AG Paxton over Jan. 6 records - The Associated Press - en Español
» New Ohio law seeks uniform regulations for carrying knives - The Associated Press - en Español
» Brock Boeser re-signs with Vancouver Canucks - The Associated Press - en Español
» Experts: California lacked safeguards for gun owner info - The Associated Press - en Español
» Judge: Sheriff must post bail after anti-harassment order - The Associated Press - en Español
» Woman awarded $431000 for Occupy Wall Street police actions - The Associated Press - en Español
» Former officer charged with tampering, lying after shooting - The Associated Press - en Español
» Ex-Louisiana officer pleads guilty in excessive force case - The Associated Press - en Español
» Woman sentenced to 8 years for California medical fraud - The Associated Press - en Español
» Experts warn against using herbs as abortion alternative - The Associated Press - en Español
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» Brompton Tips, FAQ and Troubleshooting Wiki
» Headed for the Skies! Top Gun Maverick soon with my little buddy.
» 40-kilometer drive on sand, rocks and rivers... these legends can do it all 😍
» In the last week the bikes got out all but one day; We only got 2 brommie pic's amongst 60pic's we saved; I'll post the 2 brommie pic's + one that I have never see in my life , got to share it.
» Evening ride in Casa de Campo, Madrid
» Like the Big Kahuna Burger, here's the Big B Triple Clamp
» PSA: Ergon GP2 grips and above do not give ground clearance without mods (unless I'm an idiot, which is likely)
» Flying with my Brompton: Carry on with an Extended Seatpost?
» An evening ride.
» Brompton Borough Bag L on the rear rack?
» Blue Grey Orange
» Finally the first Tour with the Brompton 🙏🏻
» New Brompton Day
» Can anyone speak to the long term battery durability? I'm considering the electric - wondering how the battery stands up over time and what replacement costs are like.
» Fed up with the slipping seatpost
» Brompton Hinge Pins
» Looking for the right bolt to secure the oxelo wheels to my Brompton M6L as replacement easy wheels
» T Line seat tube diameter?
» First ride.
» Can anyone help identify this model?
» a Brompton makes a commute or shopping run a highlight of the day
» Which Brompton Should I Get?
» My rocket reds
» NYC Brompton Modders
» After a week of London Underground
» After 2nd ride with my Brompton, found out the rear wheel is scratching something inside mudguard… it is the screw of little wheel on mudguard, is it design fault?! I have to unscrew a bit to make it right so the little wheel became a bit loose…
Science Daily
» How placentas evolved in mammals
» How pandas survive solely on bamboo: Evolutionary history
» Underwater jars reveal Roman period winemaking practices
» Ice Age wolf DNA reveals dogs trace ancestry to two separate wolf populations
» New kangaroo described -- from Papua New Guinea
» Ancient microbes may help us find extraterrestrial life forms
» The heat is on: Traces of fire uncovered dating back at least 800,000 years
» Many human genomes shaped by past events that caused sharp dips in the population, study finds
» Indigenous communities used the Caribbean Sea as an aquatic highway
» 1,700-year-old Korean genomes show genetic heterogeneity in Three Kingdoms period Gaya
» Evolutionary biology: The greening ashore
» Researchers reconstruct the genome of centuries-old E. coli using fragments extracted from an Italian mummy
» Olive trees were first domesticated 7,000 years ago, study finds
» Unique Viking shipyard discovered at Birka
» Origins of the Black Death identified
» Bioarchaeological evidence of very early Islamic burials in the Levant
» Chromatin originated in ancient microbes one to two billion years ago
» Pre-historic Wallacea: A melting pot of human genetic ancestries
» How species form: What the tangled history of polar bear and brown bear relations tells us
» New evidence about when, where, and how chickens were domesticated
» What oxytocin can tell us about the evolution of human prosociality
» Famous rock art cave in Spain was used by ancient humans for over 50,000 years
» Great white sharks may have contributed to megalodon extinction
» Researchers aim X-rays at century-old plant secretions for insight into Aboriginal Australian cultural heritage
» Archaeologists reveal pre-Hispanic cities in Bolivia with laser technology
» Prehistoric feces reveal parasites from feasting at Stonehenge
» Scientists reveal how seascapes of the ancient world shaped genetic structure of European populations
» Ancient tooth unlocks mystery of Denisovans in Asia
» The genetic origins of the world's first farmers clarified
» Livestock and dairying led to dramatic social changes in ancient Mongolia
» Ancient DNA gives new insights into 'lost' Indigenous people of Uruguay
» Complex human childbirth and cognitive abilities a result of walking upright
» Study of ancient predators sheds light on how humans did -- or didn't -- find food
» How the black rat colonized Europe in the Roman and Medieval periods
» Study reveals Stonehenge landscape before the world-famous monument
» Before Stonehenge monuments, hunter-gatherers made use of open habitats
» Remote Ireland community survived a millennium of environmental change
» Dramatic events in demographics led to the spread of Uralic languages
» Neanderthals of the north
» Discovery sheds light on why the Pacific islands were colonized
» Ancient skeletons reveal the history of worm parasites in Britain
» Life history: Scholars call for greater collaboration between zoos, museums
» Anglo-Saxon kings were mostly veggie but peasants treated them to huge barbecues, new study argues
» Study challenges theories of earlier human arrival in Americas
» Getting to the root of corn domestication; knowledge may help plant breeders
» Research reveals human-driven changes to distinctive foraging patterns in North Pacific Ocean
» Busy mothers did less breastfeeding in 19th century Netherlands
» Early human habitats linked to past climate shifts
» New study confirms potential of geoelectrical methods in search for hidden graves
» First European farmers' heights did not meet expectations
» Neolithic made us taller and more intelligent but more prone to heart disease
» Century-old malaria parasite puzzle solved as ape origin traced
» New non-destructive DNA method opens opportunities
» Disbelief in human evolution linked to greater prejudice and racism
» Origins of the Avars elucidated with ancient DNA
» Tools reveal patterns of Neandertal extinction in the Iberian Peninsula
» Smells like ancient society: Scientists find ways to study and reconstruct past scents
» Keeping the light from fading
» Rewriting the history books: Why the Vikings left Greenland
» Migrants from south carrying maize were early Maya ancestors
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