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» Alphabet's Google to commit $10 billion to India - Reuters
» Alibaba's Jack Ma sells $8.2 billion worth shares, stake dips to 4.8%: filing - Reuters
» WHO reports record daily increase in global coronavirus cases, up over 230,000 - Reuters
» Diageo to launch Johnnie Walker whisky in paper bottles in 2021 - Reuters
» Britain set to ban Huawei from 5G, though timescale unclear - Reuters
» WeWork expects to have positive cash flow in 2021, Financial Times reports - Reuters
» One in three South Korean COVID-19 patients improve with remdesivir - Reuters
» China trades sanctions with U.S. over Uighur Muslims - Reuters
» Florida reports over 15,000 COVID-19 cases in single-day record - Reuters
» Actress Kelly Preston dies of breast cancer at 57 - Reuters
» U.S. weighs limited options to deal with China over Hong Kong: WSJ - Reuters
» Pelosi says Trump 'messing with' children's health on school reopenings - Reuters
» Motor racing-Team by team analysis of the Styrian Grand Prix - Reuters UK
» Fire aboard U.S. Navy warship in San Diego injures 21 people - Reuters
» Oil Search to write off some PNG exploration assets, power project - Reuters
» Federal Reserve's $3 trillion virus rescue inflates market bubbles - Reuters
» Lebanon records new coronavirus infection high with 166 cases - Reuters
» Manchester City's ban from European football overturned - Reuters UK
» Fire crews battle San Diego navy ship fire | - Reuters India
» Coronavirus bringing record $1 trillion of new global corporate debt in 2020: report - Reuters
» Oil slips as traders expect OPEC+ to ease supply cuts - Reuters
» Mexico surpasses Italy to post world's fourth-highest coronavirus death toll - Reuters
» Lebanon records new coronavirus infection high with more than 100 cases - Reuters
» Funeral of mayor of South Korean capital held amid ex-secretary's accusations of sexual abuse - Reuters
» U.S. appeals court says first federal execution in 17 years can proceed Monday - Reuters
» 'Let's get going': UK tells businesses to prepare for Brexit crunch - Reuters UK
» Exclusive: U.S. turns screws on maritime industry to cut off Venezuela's oil - Reuters
» Pause, reflect: Five questions for the ECB - Reuters UK
» Dollar decline resumes as investors look to economic data, earnings - Reuters
» Japan, U.S. discuss jump in coronavirus cases at U.S. military bases - Reuters
» Shares near five-month peak as earnings season kicks off - Reuters
» Dozens of U.S. universities support challenge to Trump's order on foreign students: court document - Reuters
» Australian pub cluster adds to second-wave coronavirus fears - Reuters
» Asian shares extend rally, U.S. earnings to test optimism - Reuters
» Russia reports more than 6,500 new coronavirus infections - Reuters
» UPDATE 1-580,000 Hong Kongers cast 'protest' vote against new security laws - Reuters
» POLL-Indonesia's export decline seen moderating in June - Reuters
» Smartphone shipments in China fall 16% in June: government data - Reuters
» Saudi-led coalition says intercepts missiles, drones from Yemen's Houthis - Reuters
» Hong Kong Book Fair postponed amid spike in coronavirus cases - Reuters
» Lebanese Christian cleric seen to criticize Hezbollah, allies over crisis - Reuters
» Reliance's digital unit wins Qualcomm backing in boost to 5G plans - Reuters
» PRESS DIGEST-British Business - July 13 - Reuters
» Counting the burials: African nations scramble to track COVID-19 - Reuters
» Spanish judge strikes down confinement for Catalan area over coronavirus - Reuters
» Most Irish employees want to retain option to work from home - Reuters
» U.S. Congress needs compromise to extend COVID-19 unemployment payments, Pelosi says - Reuters
» METALS-Copper jumps to 2-year high on strike worries at Chile mine - Reuters
» Lakers' Davis won't wear social justice message - Reuters
» China's start-up index hits 4-1/2-year high on earnings improvement hopes - Reuters
» Brazil sees 631 new coronavirus deaths, approaches 2 million cases - Reuters
» Reports: Washington to retire Redskins name Monday - Reuters
» Australia, NZ end firmer on optimism around COVID-19 treatment, U.S. earnings - Reuters
» Life after Zoom: corporate travel agents plot safe return to business trips - Reuters
» China's export slump to ease in June as economies reopen, imports fall less: Reuters poll - Reuters
» Nikkei rises on virus drug hopes, auto stocks surge - Reuters
» Haymaker and Arko combine to expand U.S. convenience store business - Reuters
» Philippines records region's biggest daily rise in coronavirus deaths - Reuters
» Malaysia PM unseats speaker with narrow win in crucial test of support - Reuters
» Philippines reports 65 new coronavirus deaths, 836 more infections - Reuters
» Report: No fashion statements inside NBA bubble - Reuters
» PRECIOUS-Gold holds firm above $1,800/oz on virus fears, weaker dollar - Reuters
» Zindzi Mandela, daughter of Nelson Mandela, has died, ANC spokesman says - Reuters
» Elvis Presley's grandson dies aged 27 - Reuters
» UK to withhold power to control state aid from Scotland, Wales after Brexit transition: Financial Times - Reuters
» Olympics must go ahead next year as symbol of overcoming COVID-19, Tokyo governor says - Reuters
» Germany regrets Turkish court ruling on Hagia Sophia, government spokesman says - Reuters
» Singapore says blockchain payments project ready for commercial rollout - Reuters
» Yuan hovers at key 7/dollar mark ahead of Q2 economic data - Reuters
» Accused New Zealand mosque shooter to represent himself at sentencing - Reuters
» JGBs slip as stronger equities dent safe-haven demand - Reuters
» World shares eye five-month peak as earnings season starts - Reuters India
» China reports eight new mainland coronavirus cases as of July 12 - Reuters
» UK COVID-19 death toll from confirmed cases rises by 21 to 44,819 - Reuters UK
» Australia shares rise as potential COVID-19 drug lifts confidence - Reuters
» BOJ appoints new monetary policy team head amid battle to curb coronavirus economic impact - Reuters
» Germany's confirmed coronavirus cases rise by 159 to 198,963: RKI - Reuters
» Custer stuns field at Kentucky for first career Cup win - Reuters
» Costa Rica to start talks with IMF over loan, says president - Reuters
» Argentina exceeds 100,000 cases of novel coronavirus - Reuters
» Akzo Nobel says sales decline eased to 5% in June - Reuters
» UK fashion label Quiz suspends supplier over wage allegations - Reuters
» Roche immunotherapy Tecentriq fails trial in ovarian cancer - Reuters
» China vows 'zero tolerance' towards illegal market behavior - Reuters
» Honduras extends coronavirus curfew for another week - security ministry - Reuters
» Churchill Capital and MultiPlan merging in $11 bln deal - Reuters
» Spain says EU recovery fund debt is not charity - Reuters
» Sinopec's top refinery Zhenhai resumes operation after overhaul - Reuters
» Bahrain top court upholds death sentences against two activists - Reuters
» South Africa's TFG to buy some JET assets from Edcon - Reuters
» GRAINS-Corn drops 2.5% on U.S. rain relief - Reuters
» Thailand plans $3.2 bln soft loans to help tourism, services - Reuters
» Dodgers' Jansen late due to family's COVID-19 fight - Reuters
» South Africa reimposes alcohol ban, curfew as coronavirus cases spike - Reuters
» COLUMN-Adani claims Carmichael coal win, but it's a pyrrhic victory built on subsidies: Russell - Reuters
» BRIEF-Heramed Says Final Approvals Received For Study Of Herabeat - Reuters
» With elbow bumps and masked fans, World TeamTennis kicks off season - Reuters
» Canadian province of Ontario to announce Stage 3 reopening details Monday - Reuters
» Tunisian parties seek to oust parliament speaker, Islamists want new government - Reuters
» An introduction to micro-scale
» [UK/EU] Double VIP points at
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» Brompton Tips, FAQ and Troubleshooting Wiki
» A solo cyclist on a Sunny day @ Brick Lane East London ☀️🚴🏻‍♀️
» My setup got removed from r/bikepacking for some reason but here's the Brompton going through a lake :)
» Pulled a 20-km joy ride today along the river Main with almost zero accessories (except for Deuter pouch bag tied to the rack). It is true what the lads said, the Brooks saddle just get better with counting miles on it! M6RD Black Ed. Raw Lacquer
» What i use touch up flame lacquer paint.
» Brompton Electric bike owners do you know about autocalibration?
» Sailing with my Brompton...
» Made for the City
» Sunday morning on the gravel...
» Been considering a used Brompton, but the colors are awful. Is it possible to have it repainted?
» My full comfort aero 8.5kg brompton in touring configuration
» Does shopping cart mode work with no rack?
» Just got my new M6R with -12% gearing. Is there a way to double check the -12%? I wanted to make sure the LBS didn't mess it up (as they forgot some accessories).
» Can I fit Ergon GP1 Biokork grips to a Brompton B75?
» Leather wrap
» NYC Riders: 3 or 6 gears?
» Could someone point me in the direction of this bag? I can’t locate it anywhere.
» Full service locations in London
» Exactly ⅓ Century last night. Critters spotted: 1 fox, 1 raccoon, 3 skunks, innumerable bats.
» Nice day for a ride to the beach.
» What a great day to ride
» ‘Journeys end in lovers’ meeting’
» Passed the #PizzaTest ! Brought home safely two 32cm pizzas. One of the many perks of having rear rack 😝 M6RD Black Ed. Raw Lacquer
» Why does brompton include a seat post plug in every parts bag? Is it bc they’re easy to lose? Why not design a better one? Lol
» Question about brake lever positioning
» Left crank arm came loose - do I just need a new bolt?
Science Daily
» 15-foot-long skeleton of extinct dolphin suggests parallel evolution among whales
» Care for cats? So did people along the Silk Road more than 1,000 years ago
» A tiny ancient relative of dinosaurs and pterosaurs discovered
» Norman Conquest of 1066 did little to change people's eating habits
» First confirmed underwater Aboriginal archaeological sites found off Australian coast
» Hints at jaw evolution found in marsupials and monotremes
» New Zealand's ancient monster penguins had northern hemisphere doppelgangers
» Ancient Maya reservoirs contained toxic pollution
» Tiny Japanese dinosaur eggs help unscramble Cretaceous ecosystem
» Native bees' exotic origins reveal cross-pollination
» Non-tobacco plant identified in ancient pipe for first time
» The millenial pre-colonial cultural influence is evident in the Amazon forest
» Sled dogs are closely related to 9,500-year-old 'ancient dog'
» Ancient societies hold lessons for modern cities
» Studying the Neanderthal DNA found in modern humans using stem cells and organoids
» Innovation by ancient farmers adds to biodiversity of the Amazon
» A Neanderthal woman from Chagyrskaya Cave
» Ancient genomes uncover Irish passage tomb dynastic elite
» Origins of the beloved guinea pig
» Immune properties in ancient DNA found in isolated villages might benefit humanity today
» Human portraits reveals shift in culture, cognition
» Mixture and migration brought food production to sub-Saharan Africa
» Discovery of oldest bow and arrow technology in Eurasia
» Denisovan DNA influences immune system of modern day Oceanian populations
» Tropical disease in medieval Europe revises the history of a pathogen related to syphilis
» Ancient origin for key hormone system: Sea cucumbers
» Ancient bird figurine recovered from refuse heap the oldest instance of East Asian 3D art
» Entire Roman city revealed without any digging
» DNA increases our understanding of contact between Stone Age cultures
» Ancient DNA provides new insights into the early peopling of the Caribbean
» Researchers document the first use of maize in Mesoamerica
» Pinpointing the origins of Jerusalem's Temple Mount
» Largest, oldest Maya monument suggests importance of communal work
» Dead Sea Scrolls 'puzzle' pieced together with DNA
» Ancient genomes link subsistence change and human migration in northern China
» Heightened interaction between neolithic migrants and hunter-gatherers in Western Europe
» Who were the Canaanites? New insight from 73 ancient genomes
» Genomic analysis shows long-term genetic mixing in West Asia before world's first cities
» Ear infections discovered in remains of humans living in Levant 15,000 years ago
» Genomic analysis in samples of Neanderthals and modern humans shows a decrease in ADHD-associated genetic variants
» Information technology played key role in growth of ancient civilizations
» Chimpanzees help trace the evolution of human speech back to ancient ancestors
» Increased fertility for women with Neanderthal gene, study suggests
» Miniature rock art expands horizons
» Early African Muslims had a halal -- and cosmopolitan diet -- discovery of thousands of ancient animal bones shows
» Migration patterns reveal an 'Eden' for ancient humans and animals
» Oldest connection with Native Americans identified near Lake Baikal in Siberia
» Supercomputer model simulations reveal cause of Neanderthal extinction
» Ribs evolved for movement first, then co-opted for breathing
» Dual hand use in early human relative
» Beads made of boa bones identified in lesser Antilles
» Pofatu: A new database for geochemical 'fingerprints' of artefacts
» Tracing the evolution of self-control
» Geometry guided construction of earliest known temple, built 6,000 years before Stonehenge
» Remnants of human migration paths exist underwater at 'choke points'
» Chemical evidence of dairying by hunter-gatherers in Lesotho in the first millennium AD
» Our species created earliest modern artifacts in Europe
» Prehistoric sea creatures evolved pebble-shaped teeth to crush shellfish
» Ancient Andes, analyzed
» Beer was here! A new microstructural marker for malting in the archaeological record
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