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Ask a Manager
» weekend free-for-all – September 23-24, 2017
» my boss wants me to collaborate with my awful coworker
» open thread – September 22-23, 2017
» telling my boss about a rumor he might lose his job, advocating for my staff, and more
» can you ask a reference what they said about you?
» update: my company’s accountant is nitpicking my pretty frugal travel expenses
» stolen lunches, missing mugs, and other petty office thefts: share your stories
» will my mental health get in the way of a promotion, bad resume advice, and more
» how can I increase my chances when I’m under-qualified for a job?
» when the employee you recommended gets fired
» my boss is unavailable and it’s driving us all mad
» my coworkers are terrible tippers, slackers are ruining remote work for the rest of us, and more
» my office makes us cook and eat lunch together every day
» how can I get my staff to talk in meetings?
» I’m a recent grad and feel like I’m working too much
» can I talk to my boss about how she’s treating my coworker, interview exercises, and more
» my interview on Marketplace about how to job search
» how hiring managers decide who to interview
» did my intern frame my coworker for credit card theft?
» coworkers and weight talk, my boss rescinded my day off, and more
» weekend free-for-all – September 16-17, 2017
» open thread – September 15-16, 2017
» employer wants my SAT scores, raffling off extra vacation days, and more
» my coworker is ruining her relationship with our boss
» update: I got caught lying about a sick day
» did my employee quit or is she in a ditch somewhere?
» I don’t want an intern, I’m dating my boss, and more
» my boss misunderstands emails because she only skims them
» new hire is badmouthing our business on Twitter
» I keep finding my coworker in a compromising position … with himself
» my boss is shirtless in his staff photo, bug bites at work, and more
» I moved into our admin’s office and she’s unhappy about it
» how can I be more assertive at work?
» my introverted employee wants to use email for everything
» here’s a massive discount on the Ask a Manager job-searching bible
» my boss’s family comes to work with her, will employers care that I drop my G’s, and more
» how to dress for an interview without making it obvious to your coworkers
» here are the secrets to acing a phone interview
» my coworker keeps asking everyone for loans
» my boss gets annoyed when I bring up problems, I use a fake name with clients, and more
» weekend free-for-all – September 9-10, 2017
» do you have to be paid if your office is closed because of a hurricane?
» how to deal with salespeople who won’t take no for an answer
» open thread – September 8-9, 2017
» I was fired for forwarding resumes to myself, asking not to telecommute, and more
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ScienceDaily Anthropology
Anthropology News -- ScienceDaily

» Ancient DNA data fills in thousands of years of human prehistory in Africa
» Reconstructing how Neanderthals grew, based on an El Sidrón child
» Dino-killing asteroid's impact on bird evolution
» 3-D analysis of dog fossils sheds light on domestication debate
» Fly away home? Ice age may have clipped bird migration
» How Teotihuacan's urban design was lost and found
» Solving the Easter Island population puzzle
» Humans no longer have ancient defense mechanism against viruses
» Earthquake faults may have played key role in shaping the culture of ancient Greece
» When ancient fossil DNA isn't available, ancient glycans may help trace human evolution
» An officer and a gentlewoman from the Viking army in Birka
» The connection between an unusual pottery vessel and the development of the elites
» Mobile women were key to cultural exchange in Stone Age and Bronze Age Europe
» Indigenous storytelling is a new asset for biocultural conservation
» Fossil footprints challenge established theories of human evolution
» Human bones in south Mexico: Stalagmite reveals their age as 13,000 years old
» How Neanderthals made the very first glue
» Shaking up the fish family tree: 'Living fossil' not as old as we thought
» Understanding ancient geometric earthworks in southwestern Amazonia
» Inherited herpesvirus study finds links to ancient humans
» Ice age era bones recovered from underwater caves in Mexico
» World's oldest Italian wine just discovered
» Farming, cheese, chewing changed human skull shape
» Dolphin that existed along South Carolina coast long ago
» You and some 'cavemen' get a genetic checkup
» Wild sheep grazed in the Black Desert 14,500 years ago
» Ocean channel in Bahamas marks genetic divide in Brazilian free-tailed bats
» Archaeologists uncover ancient trading network in Vietnam
» Citrus fruits were the clear status symbols of the nobility in the ancient Mediterranean
» Early Indian Ocean trade routes bring chicken, black rat to eastern Africa
» Archeologists uncover new economic history of ancient Rome
» New genomic insights reveal a surprising two-way journey for apple on the Silk Road
» Analysis finds defeat of Hannibal 'written in the coins of the Roman Empire'
» Archaeologists uncover 3,000-year-old female statue at citadel gate complex in Turkey
» Origins of DNA folding suggested in archaea
» Ancient DNA used to track Mesa Verde exodus in 13th century
» Arrival of modern humans in Southeast Asia questioned
» Ancient pottery reveals insights on Iroquoian population's power in 16th century
» Human bones may have been engraved as part of a cannibalistic ritual
» First winged mammals from the Jurassic period discovered
» Extinction mystery solved? Evidence suggests humans played a role in monkey's demise in Jamaica
» New 13-million-year-old infant skull sheds light on ape ancestry
» Amateur collectors in Japan discover country's first and oldest fossil diving bird
» New look at archaic DNA rewrites human evolution story
» DNA from Viking cod bones suggests 1,000-year history of European fish trade
» Origin of human genus may have occurred by chance
» On the early human's menu: Mammoth and plenty of raw vegetables
» Secrets of ancient Irish funeral practices revealed
» First civilizations of Greece are revealing their stories to science
» Genome sequencing shows spiders, scorpions share ancestor
» Bronze Age Iberia received fewer Steppe invaders than the rest of Europe
» Malaria already endemic in the Mediterranean by the Roman period
» Algorithms identify the dynamics of prehistoric social networks in the Balkans
» Identifying major transitions in human cultural evolution
» Traces of adaptation and cultural diversification found among early North American stone tools
» Cultural flexibility was key for early humans to survive extreme dry periods in southern Africa
» 'Residual echo' of ancient humans in scans may hold clues to mental disorders
» Archaeologists find key to tracking ancient wheat in frozen Bronze Age box
» In saliva, clues to a 'ghost' species of ancient human
» Artifacts suggest humans arrived in Australia earlier than thought