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  • Grand Canyon 2003

    256 photos in 13 sub-albums

    Kevin and I packed up the Miata one hot day in July of 2003 and made a 3000 mile round-trip drive down to the Grand Canyon.

  • London 2005

    341 photos in 8 sub-albums

    In March of 2005, I took a trip with Sarah, Libby, Erin, Steve, Steve, and Emily to visit Alan in London.

  • Australia 2006

    310 photos in 16 sub-albums

  • San Francisco 2007

    35 photos

    A quick weekend trip to San Francisco in December of 2007.

  • Amsterdam 2007

    138 photos in 7 sub-albums

    In 2007, Lis and I decided to spend the week surrounding New Year's Eve in Amsterdam.

  • New Mexico and San Francisco 2008

    121 photos in 5 sub-albums

    Albuquerque, the Very Large Array, White Sands, and San Francisco all in one trip.

  • Austin 2009

    22 photos

    A birthday trip to Austin, Texas.

  • Arches National Park 2010

    28 photos

    A weekend trip to Arches National Park in November of 2010

  • Great Sand Dunes 2011

    18 photos

    A weekend trip to Great Sand Dunes National Park in August of 2011

  • Southwest 2012

    54 photos

    A return to Great Sand Dunes and South Zapata Lake, followed by Mesa Verde and Monument Valley.

  • Kauai 2013

    72 photos

  • Bandelier 2014

    25 photos

    In the early fall of 2014, I packed my bike up with camping gear and rode over to Bandelier National Monument.

  • Philadelphia 2015

    60 photos

    Daniel got married in Philadelphia in 2015, so Loren and I spent a couple of days exploring the city beforehand.

  • Dublin 2016

    23 photos

    In July of 2016, I spent three days in Dublin for SREcon Europe. After that, I spent two days exploring the city and the area around it.